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Project: Development of grid scenarios with high shares of RES and industrial loads

Project Goal:

The student will work collaboratively in the context of a current research project focusing on the topics conceptual design of local energy clusters and  development of new energy distribution solutions.


  • Literature Search and Review
  • Support of an energy distribution analysis tool
  • Data collection and analysis and supporting of real-time data integration
  • Development and testing of different grid structures and scenarios


  • Candidates should have at least completed the 2nd year of Electrical Engineering or similar courses in the context of energy
  • Good knowledge of system components and rules of the distribution grid are favorable


3-6 months

We offer you:

  • Deep knowledge in current challenges of electric grids in Germany and the neighboring control systems
  • Practical exchange with scientists and industrial companies
  • A personal project consultant
  • A young and dynamic team with a pleasant working atmosphere

Context of the Project:

The student project is embedded in the context of studies related to the „FlAixEnergy“ consortium project, that is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (www.flaixenergy.de). In the German electric grid the necessary balance between supply and demand is in jeopardy due to the volatility of renewable energy sources that is accompanied by the withdrawal of larger conventional power plants from the grid.
Therefore, while the grid’s stability and reliability of energy supply is challenged, energy-intensive loads from metal-, paper- and chemical industries start to grow interest in supporting the “Energiewende” by enabling load flexibilities. Therefore, the current energy market for reserves and flexibility will face some transition in near future. Regionality will play an important role during this stage.

Contact / Location:
M. Sc. Gonca Gürses

Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus
Campus-Boulevard 79
52074 Aachen, Germany