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Seed Fund Projects of MV Consortium 2020-04-08T11:56:51+02:00
Project Number Title Abstract Status Download
MV-01 Transition from Today’s to Future Distribution Grids This project defines and describes first scenarios which can serve as a starting point for future distribution grids. Within the study, scenarios in highly developed countries (e.g. EU countries, USA) and less developed countries (e.g. India) are being distinguished. Published Members only
MV-02 Analysis of Required BIL-Rating in DC Grids with Cables Lightning strikes are a worst-case scenario for electrical systems and components. Therefore this project investigates how the BIL rating could be adapted for respective cable networks. Furthermore, the influence of the higher damping of DC cables in comparison to AC cables is analyzed. Published Members only
MV-03 MVDC Scenarios on DSP Cluster This project is concerned with the development of MV DC scenarios to be used on an existing DSP cluster. Within the project the library for the DSP cluster is extended with components like DC-DC converters. Published Members only
MV-04 Electromagnetic Interference of Medium Voltage AC and DC Overhead Lines and Cables Findings from existing hybrid AC/DC overhead lines for high-voltage are analyzed and evaluated regarding their relevance in medium-voltage scenarios. Within the project, both static and transient aspects are analyzed. Published Members only
MV-05 AC Circuit Breakers in DC Systems The interruption of DC is a technical challenge, because in DC, no regular zero crossing of the current takes place. This study analyzes the possible use cases of standard AC circuit breakers in DC systems. Especially at the AC link in DC-DC converters standard breakers could be used for the disconnection. Published Members only
MV-06 Analysis of Soft Switching with IGBTs In this project, an up-to-date status of soft switching with IGBTs and the potential of IGBTs in soft-switching applications are evaluated. An existing test bench at E.ON ERC’s PGS is modified for the double-pulse test to also allow soft-switching tests. Published Members only
MV-07 Analysis of Possible Power Supply Options from MVDC Within this study, different concepts for the auxiliary supply of converters and other equipment are evaluated. The supply needs to provide only a low amount of power but at a relatively high DC voltage. Published Members only
MV-08 Study of International Standards about DC in Medium Voltage Grids Another field of interest covers emerging standardization in DC technology and touches on potential DC utility technology. Published Members only
MV-09 Information Strategies for DC Technologies A technology change of such coverage will eventually also affect each individual. Therefore, it is necessary to include citizen, starting with information and communication. The usage of various communication formats and channels, depending on the characteristics of the technology, the preferences of target groups and the requirements for content, were studied by using of methods of communication science. Published Members only
MV-10 Analysis of Mutual Impact of DC-DC Converters in DC Grids In process
MV-11 Utilization of Lines in Grids In this project, a comparison of the loading of AC lines and DC lines was investigated and the effects on power capacity at comparable cable dimensions were evaluated. This was done on the basis of synthetic grids, based on typical characteristics of existing grid topologies and cable configurations. Furthermore, the operational impact of power electronic parts of DC grids with regard to losses and voltage control was studied. Published Members only
MV-12 MVDC Landscape In this project, a global survey of related actual activities on medium-voltage DC grid technology was produced with a focus on utility technology. A total number of 28 studies and projects were identified, among these are purely R&D studies and theoretical work, as well as projects and demonstrators based on commercial products. Published Members only
MV-13 Preliminary Design of Converter Systems for IKDG-Compressor Drive System In process
MV-14 Series-Connected SiC JFETs as High-Voltage Switch In process
MV-15 Tool Development for Distribution Grid Topology Generation This project outlines the analysis that was performed on a large dataset from a DSO in the  Netherlands to understand the structure of distribution systems better. Building on the analysis, an algorithmic approach is developed to meet the same characteristics. The latter part of the report presents results which demonstrates the algorithm’s performance, as well as an extension of the algorithm from feeders to full distribution systems. Published Members only
MV-16 Medium vOltage DUaL Active bRidge grId sTabilitY (MODULARITY) In process
MV-17 Balanced DC Grids In process