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Seed Fund Projects of LV Consortium 2020-04-08T11:58:26+02:00
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LV-01 Automation Architecture in FIWARE Cloud The study examines and preliminarily demonstrates the feasibility of implementing grid automation using the cloud-computing developments. Options for implementing the distribution grid functionality in a cloud-based infrastructure have been analyzed in
terms of the IEC 61850 communications architecture of the cloud.
Published Members only
LV-02  not been occupied
LV-03 Monitoring of dynamic distribution grids: classical and cloud In this project, a demonstration setup for a cloud-based monitoring unit is produced. The implemented cloud-based monitoring system exploits the Open Stack cloud infrastructure and the context broker from the open source platform FIWARE. Published Members only
LV-04 Low-Voltage DC Landscape The project provides an analysis of the research and implementation DC technology at low-voltage level. The study identifies the variety of application fields for low-voltage DC grid technology and the impeding challenges and associated market potentials. Published Members only
LV-05 Low-Voltage DC Protection The global trend towards renewable energies and the increasing use of end devices incorporating an internal DC-link encourage the deployment of low-voltage direct current (LVDC) networks to realize higher efficiencies and enhanced controllability in the power distribution system. However, the fault protection in LVDC grids remains a challenging task. In this report the current state of research regarding LVDC protection approaches is investigated. Published Members only