///Cloud Platform for Smart Energy Services
Cloud Platform for Smart Energy Services 2019-10-29T15:29:08+01:00


In this research field the scientists work on the implementation of a cloud platform for smart energy services. Via standardized communication links, energy profiles and projections about load and generation can be shared with a superordinate entity. This entity efficiently manages consumers and producers using a software platform. Typical examples are links to virtual power plants or services like demand response or demand side management; further energy services will be developed according to the industrial partners’ requirements.

The fundamental elements of the cloud platform will be formed based on the development of the EU research project FINESCE (the EU’s seventh framework programme for research), using the so-called Generic Enablers of the FIWARE initiative. The supply of these components simplifies the development and thus reduces the development up to marketability. Partners of FEN have the opportunity to test their services on the platform developed within the framework of FEN. Tests regarding integration, compatibility and stress can be carried out in a secure environment, before being adopted into the own operations.

The research results can be used both by providers of smart home solutions and by suppliers of domestic appliances. Furthermore, they can be applied in e.g. micro grids or in distribution networks and hence implement energy management at higher levels.