Research Campus Project 1



This project develops planning and operation guidelines for pure DC and hybrid AC/DC grids as well as protection concepts for DC grids. It also includes the interdisciplinary consideration of economical, ecological, and societal aspects like the integration of grid components into the landscape and cities as well as technology acceptance and governance. Finally, standardization approaches [...]

Research Campus Project 2



In this project, research on components and systems for medium voltage DC distribution grids is conducted. Based on the investigation of materials (e.g. semiconductor or insulation materials) and components (e.g. semiconductor devices or medium-frequency transformers), systems like DC-DC converters or circuit breakers are developed, designed, constructed and measured.

Research Campus Project 3



This project develops the control and operation as well as the energy management concepts for pure DC and hybrid AC/DC grids. The automation and control systems will be defined, including automation architecture and communication systems. Also a low-power DC grid as generic validation platform will be constructed for the testing of control concepts before they [...]