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FEN Think Tank

The research activities of FEN Research Campus are located amid the RWTH Aachen Campus. The “FEN Think Tank” facilitates the direct exchange of knowledge between the partners. Each expert has an own workplace, so that university researchers and industrial partners can work immediately together. The office, located on the fifth floor, offers a panoramic view over the RWTH Aachen Campus Melaten. E-bikes, an e-car and e-roller allow to move around the campus easily and quickly, e.g. to reach the test facilities of the RWTH Aachen University institutes.

Impressions of some Partners

“The direct combination of science and industry at one location in FEN Research Campus is perfect for application-oriented research and to quickly implement products or services. Through the direct exchange with colleagues in the FEN Think Tank, valuable ideas for new projects are developed. In FEN Research Campus we also have further opportunities, which we would not get without the partnership, such as the support for new research funding projects.”
Stephan Krantz, Cryptotec AG
Within FEN Research Campus I have the opportunity to work at a location at the interface between science and industry. As an employee of Hager I am able to gather practical experience here and at the same time to write my doctoral thesis at the Institute of Power Generation and Storage Systems at RWTH Aachen University. The direct collaboration with colleagues at the FEN Think Tank accelerates the progress in joint research projects and the extensive research infrastructure on the Campus Melaten is a great advantage.”