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Bachelor or Master Thesis:

Prototype development of a DC Circuit Breaker for LVDC networks

Project Goal:

The goal of the thesis is to develop a hardware model of DC breaker, associated control circuitry for sensing the short circuit current and suitable over voltage protection circuit.


  • Literature search and review regarding existing DC breaker technologies
  • PCB design of existing software design of DC circuit breaker
  • Development of control circuit for sensing and turn-off of short-circuit current
  • Analysis of switching time and on-state losses of the developed prototype


  • Candidates should have at least completed the 2nd year of Electrical Engineering preferably in electrical power engineering.
  • Good knowledge in Matlab/Simulink and Eagle
  • Good knowledge of electrical components specially semiconductor technology is favorable


3 months (Bachelors thesis) or 6 months (Masters thesis). Scope of thesis will be adopted accordingly depending on the thesis duration.

We offer you:

In this thesis you will obtain deep knowledge in current challenges regarding short-circuit management in DC grids. You have the opportunity to enhance your skills on hardware and associated troubleshooting process. The thesis will help in providing an overview of the suitable semiconductor technologies against short-circuit protection. The thesis is offered at Institute of Power Generation Systems, RWTH Aachen University. There is an opportunity of publishing the thesis work in the form of conference or transaction paper.

Context of the Project:

The student project is embedded in the context of studies related to Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus (www.fenaachen.net) that is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Contact / Location:

M.Sc. Ali Virdag

Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus
Campus-Boulevard 79
52074 Aachen, Germany

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