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The last 12 Months in Review. The Transition of the FEN Research Campus to the 2nd Funding Phase

For five years, FEN has been researching and developing innovative technologies for more efficient, sustainable and secure power grids together with its partners from RWTH Aachen University and industry. In particular, direct current (DC) technology and the inclusion of decentralized and renewable energy sources play an important role. The past year 2019 was outstanding in [...]

2020-10-07T21:10:44+02:00 7. October 2020|Press Release|

Professor De Doncker receives the 2020 IEEE Power Engineering Medal

Prof. Rik W. De Doncker received the 2020 IEEE Power Engineering Medal for his contributions to high-power and energy-conversion technologies. "Revolutionary ideas have led to the development of distribution and conversion technologies necessary for the realization of a more efficient, integrated power grid." Dedicated to realizing a more efficient and integrated power grid, the groundbreaking [...]

2020-06-25T11:10:24+02:00 25. June 2020|Press Release|

FEN Research Campus Celebrates the Launch of the MVDC Grid on Campus Melaten

On November 19th, FEN Research Campus celebrated the inauguration of their medium-voltage direct current (MVDC) research grid, together with our partners from RWTH Aachen University and industry as well as guests of honor and press. This unique test infrastructure on Campus Melaten marks a big step for FEN Research Campus towards the energy transition. [...]

2019-11-22T12:43:45+01:00 22. November 2019|Press Release|

Novel 5 MW DC Converter Put Into Operation

As part of the Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus, the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems at the E.ON Energy Research Center (E.ON ERC) commissioned the world's most powerful medium-voltage (5 kV), medium-frequency bi-directional DC-DC converter. The transformer of the DC converter, which provides galvanic isolation, was designed and built in a [...]

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Citizens discuss electric grids for the energy transition

Diskussionsforum Stromnetze outlines chances and changes within urban areas On June 11, Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research Campus and StädteRegion Aachen jointly hosted the third DIKUSSIONSFORUM STROMNETZE in Aachen. During his introduction, Thomas Pilgrim (temporary head of the department for farmers, environment and consumer protection and head of the environment agency of StädteRegion Aachen) [...]

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Eaton joins FEN Research Campus as industrial partner

Eaton, a global technology leader in power management solutions, joins forces with other corporate members to spearhead energy innovation Eaton has joined the Low-Voltage (LV) Consortium of FEN Research Campus as a new industrial partner dedicated to innovative energy projects. Eaton will contribute to the research and development activities of the LV Consortium, in [...]

2018-05-16T11:06:45+02:00 16. May 2018|Press Release|

Successful Debut of Aachen DC Grid Summit 2018

On April 19 and 20, 2018, FEN Research Campus hosted their first own conference on direct current (DC) technology with more than 100 international participants from research and industry. ”Where the International DC Community Meets” was the motto of the first Aachen DC Grid Sum-mit (ADCGS) which was held at the conference center of [...]

2018-04-27T07:08:49+02:00 26. April 2018|Press Release|

Aachen DC Grid Summit (ADCGS) 2018

Only one week left until FEN Research Campus will host its first ever conference and bring together experts from the international DC community in Aachen. Within the context of energy transition, direct current (DC) grids are gaining more importance and are considered a key technology in the research and development of our future energy [...]

2018-04-26T16:18:20+02:00 12. April 2018|Press Release|

Electrifying Exhibition on Direct Current at Energeticon

FEN Research Campus explains DC technology in an understandable and interactive way What is direct current (DC)? What is the difference to alternating current (AC)? Why is DC important for the energy transition? Where do we find DC in our everyday lives? These and other questions will be answered at the special exhibition “Mission Energy [...]

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